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This is where people seeking work as babysitters in Leiden can advertise. All the babysitters on this page are currently available for work, and can provide references from other parents in Leiden (see Responses underneath their entries for contact details of referees). Please contact the babysitters directly if you are interested.

Fantastic Babysitter and Math/Science Tutor!

Find a BabysitterPosted by Zoe Sat, September 12, 2015 11:03:26


My name is Zoe Sharp and I am a 25 year old Canadian woman currently living in Leiden. I grew up babysitting kids of various ages and learned a lot over the years. I have a great affinity with kids and have always enjoyed babysitting and tutoring work immensely. I did continual work with one family in particular for many years. They had two older daughters and one younger and autistic son. I enjoyed dreaming up crafts and activities to entertain the kids. I also worked as an assistant director and camp counsellor for a children's musical theatre company for many years. This catered to children from ages 5 to 18 years old. I taught these kids drama skills and kept them entertained with games in the downtime.

I then went on to obtain my Bachelor of Science with Honours from Queen's University in Canada. During this time I did some babysitting and also volunteered for Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE). This organization supports girls entering the fields of math and science. I volunteered at their Women Appreciation Day event doing face paint and scientific demonstrations for kids. As I furthered my scientific career working in a lab, my passion for caring for and teaching kids only increased. I volunteered for Let's Talk Science visiting classrooms and giving scientific demonstrations to kids. I also helped administer the Let's Talk Science Challenge to kids from schools all over Victoria.

Since arriving in Leiden I have been looking for babysitting and tutoring jobs. I am a deeply compassionate and caring person. I am intelligent and I work hard. I have had unique experience working with kids of various ages and stages of development and wish to continue this work in Leiden (and the surrounding regions).

If you or anyone you know needs a babysitter or a math or science tutor, contact me for more information at zoegsharp@gmail.com.